Aid In Dying … Medical Aid In Dying (MAID) … Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) … Voluntary Euthanasia … Death With Dignity … Right To Die … Final Exit:  There are a variety of terms, but they all describe the same fundamental ethical truth:  A mentally capable individual, suffering physically in an intolerable and irremediable manner, typically (but not always) as death is approaching, should have the right to choose a peaceful, dignified, humane and pain-free death … and each such person’s doctors and loved ones should have the right to assist in achieving that peaceful chosen end.  It’s the ultimate human right, and it’s a simple matter of compassion … and choice.

Worldwide resources:

In the U.S.A. where medical aid in dying is now legal in nine states (California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Maine, Vermont and New Jersey, plus the District of Columbia), there are three major national groups:

Around the U.S.A, there are number of state and local groups.  Some of the most important are:

Also visit the American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid In Dying.  formed by physicians in 2020 to develop best practices, now that aid in dying is available to more than 20% of Americans, and the Completed Life Initative.

And death with dignity is a worldwide movement.

In Canada, where a very strong aid in dying law has been in effect since 2016, there’s the magnificent group Dying With Dignity Canada.  Also visit the Right To Die Society of Canada.

For Mexico, visit DMD Mexico Por el Derecho a Morir con Dignidad AC.

For Britain, visit the Campaign for Dignity in Dying (and here’s their Facebook page), and My Death My Decision.

For Scotland, visit Dignity in Dying Scotland, Friends At The End and Exit Scotland.

For Australia, where aid in dying is legal in the states of Victoria and Western Australia and bids fair to become legal in the states of Tasmania and Queensland, visit the Facebook page of My Life My Choice Australia (and signup for their email list, and follow them on Twitter), the magnificent website of Go Gentle Australia, and also check out Dying With Dignity Queensland, and Doctors for Assisted Dying Choice.

For New Zealand, where voters legalized aid in dying by a two to one majority in a national referendum in November, 2020, visit Yes for Compassion.

In Switzerland, there are clinics where the suffering terminally ill can obtain aid in dying even though they’re not citizens. Two of the best known are Dignitas and Pegasos.

For The Netherlands, where aid in dying is extremely well established, visit the website of NVVE.

For Germany, visit the German Society for Dying with Dignity.

For Israel, visit Lilach.

For South Africa, visit the magnificent website of Dignity South Africa.

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